Pet Boarding

Treating Your Pets Like Royalty

Here at Reigning Cats and Dogs, our pet boarding service is dedicated to making your companion feel special, safe, and loved. We understand that each pet has a unique personality, and it is our goal to find out what makes them happy.

Because we live on the property, we’re able to keep a close eye on your fur baby. Whether your furry friend likes to play ball or snuggle in our lap, they will be happy in our care. We tailor our relationship with your pet to best fit their temperament. While your four-legged family member stays with us, they will hear singing and upbeat voices.

To put it simply, we treat your pets like royalty. Our job isn’t done unless your pet gets excited every time they approach our facility. Every time your fur baby comes to stay with us, they get the same room. We want your pets happy, and we want you to be able to relax while you’re away.

Besides receiving the best TLC in Texoma, your four-legged family member will be housed in a safe, climate-controlled, spotless, odorless, and extra-large pet room. Let your pet live in luxury by booking a pet boarding reservation. We serve customers from Gainesville, TX to Ardmore, OK, and beyond!

How It Works

When you bring your pet in for a stay, you bring in their favorite food: however/whatever you feed them at home, as our goal is to keep their routine as close to home as possible. We have refrigerators, freezers, and means to warm meals to accommodate any special feeding directions. We feed them exactly how you want them fed, and play with them how you want them played with. In our facility, we have five different play yards. Your pet gets to play at least four times each day, and that includes weekends and holidays.

Although we keep your pet separate from other pets, we do allow them to parade the fence line in front of our other animal guests. Of course, if you have multiple pets, we can keep them together to enhance their comfort. Our kennels have central heat and air to keep the guests warm in winter and cool in summer.

The sizes of our rooms range from 5×5 to 6×8. Our largest suites can house three large dogs or six small dogs from the same family very comfortably. Each room has solid walls separating it from the adjoining room to allow your fur baby to rest peacefully. Some rooms have a sliding door that we can open to allow them access to an outside run when weather permits. The outside runs extend the indoor room by an additional 12 feet.

If you prefer, bring your own bedding and favorite toys for your furry friend. Each guest will be provided a raised Kuranda bed that is designed with comfort and safety in mind. Babies past chewing stages will have a nice warm blanket as well.

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Kitty Care

Did someone mention kitties? Yes, we spoil them too and have the purrfect castle for kitties who consider themselves as royalty and the people in their lives as servants. Kitty condos have four stories with separate spaces for the litter box, dining, and snoozing.

A large picture window brings in the toasty morning sun, and lets felines enjoy a tantalizing view of the birds at the feeders. Cat toys, scratching posts, exercise, and snuggles are included in the royal treatment we provide. Our cat boarding facility will be your kitty’s favorite place to sleep away from home!

Our Rates


Weight Nightly Rate Each Additional Dog That Can Eat and Sleep Together, Sharing a Room
Up to 49 lbs.
$ 28.00
$ 24.00
50+ lbs.
$ 30.00
$ 26.00


Room Size First Dog Each Additional Dog That Can Eat and Sleep Together, Sharing a Room
$ 32.00
$ 29.00
Extra Large
$ 35.00
$ 32.00

(Very comfortably accommodate 2-3 large dogs who can eat together – rates regardless of dog size)


Daycare: $25


KITTIES: $22 per night


What's Included

Included in the base fee:

For the Feline Friends:

For the Special Doggie Friends:

Note: Rates subject to change without notice

At Reigning Cats and Dogs Pet Resort, we have taken the health and safety of all your special family members a step further. We recently made a significant improvement and purchased several Air Scrubbers that work with our air/heat/fan duct systems throughout the facility. It is certified space technology, which is the latest technological advancement of a scientific breakthrough originally developed in cooperation with NASA for use in the International Space Station. ActivePure technology is recognized as the exclusive Certified Space Technology by the Space Foundation in its category.

Our Hours

Our Hours

Holiday Hours

A Glimpse of Our Schedule

A Regular diet, Special diet, Medical diet, or Hand Fed diet is NO Problem at our Resort. Just give us detailed instructions on how to cater to your special fur baby’s feeding needs. We watch to make sure they are eating and drinking, and all of their needs are met.


At our Resort your fur babies will NOT be exercised on concrete, gravel, or on a leash. They get to run, sniff, and play 4-5 times every single day in one of our five great big grassy play yards. For everyone’s safety, only fur babies from the same family can play together in the same yard. However, they do enjoy running up and down the fence line playing with the other dogs through the fence. If running and playing is not their thing, they are welcome to sit in our lap for a belly rub.

Reigning Cats and Dogs Pet Boarding
6:00 AM - 7:00 AM

All overnight guests are woken up, and their day is started with kind words and a few moments of cuddles. Then, they have a potty break while we prepare their breakfast and tidy their rooms. (All Babies have 24/7 access to fresh water unless we are otherwise instructed.)

10:00 AM - 12:00 PM
Play Time and Snack
12:00 PM - 2:00 PM

Quiet time. Lights are turned down low, and soft music is played

2:00 PM - 3:00 PM

Play Time and Snack

4:00 PM - 5:00 PM

Play Time and Supper

5:30 PM - 7:00 PM

Play Time, Snack, and Tucked in Bed. Lights are turned down low, and soft music is played while everyone slumbers peacefully.

This is just a tentative schedule, and we do our best to accommodate your home feeding/medication schedules. We feed all guests as instructed by their parents. All babies have 24/7 access to fresh water unless we are otherwise instructed.

At our Resort, your babies are treated as part of our family. Our goal is to make them all feel Loved, Safe, and have all their needs exceeded. We pride ourselves in providing the best care for our furry friends and consider ourselves extraordinarily lucky in getting to love and care for them in their HOME away from HOME.

Our Requirements

Vaccinations required for your Fur Babies to be Boarded or Groomed at Reigning Cats and Dogs Pet Resort:



*** ALL Vaccinations need to be given by your vet and be current at least two weeks before your pets visit with us; if they are not already current. ***