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Here’s Our Story:

1akennelAs we pursued our professional careers in Accounting, Environmental Geology, and Human Resources with Fortune 500 Companies, we were always missing something in our lives.  We all had a strong passion and love for animals and had always been involved with the pet care industry.  At that time we decided to leave our professional careers and begin a new career operating a premier kennel facility in a comfortable and friendly geographic area that we could be proud of as a family.  Reigning Cats and Dogs Pet Resort and the Texoma Area was perfect.  It was a wonderful area and facility to call home, raise our family, and fulfill our lifelong dream.

1akennel2Our family consists of Brian and Tammy, their five daughters (Allyson, Meghan, Hollie, Mikayla, and Emily), their parents (Bob and Janet), a kitten (Tyrone), Sky (English Pointer), Sam (Chinese Crested), Daisy (Pembroke Welsh Corgi), and Dash (Beagle) which are all new members to the community.  We have run hobby kennels, raised/shown all types of dogs, shown horses, ran our local community 4-H dog training/showmanship program, and have had almost every other animal under the sun at some point in our life.  We are dedicated to superior quality pet care with special and loving care to each baby that we have the pleasure to care for at our resort.   Our philosophy always includes love and family treatment for the pets as well as exceptional client service for the parents.  Our goal is to make each baby feel loved, safe, and feeling like royalty during their stay at Reigning Cats and Dogs Pet Resort; your four legged family member’s home away from home.