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December 1, 2013

The holiday season is a fun time of year for families to get together and celebrate!!! The tree, the decorations, and especially the food make for a festive holiday. But, for the dogs and cats of the family this could be a harmful time of year. Remember to keep them safe from the winter chill and make sure they stay hydrated with plenty of fresh water. Many of the items we enjoy for the holiday can seriously injure, or even cause death to cats and dogs. Decorations like glass and plastic ornaments, garland, and tinsel are shiny, glittery temptations that can cause serious stomach problems if ingested by cats and dogs. The colorful lights with extension cords are easy targets to be chewed and cause shock, burns, and respiratory problems. If your pet has made it through the decorations, there is one last hurdle…the holiday food. It is hard to resist our pets and not allow them to join in on a little holiday feast. However, sometimes members of the family forget that many holiday foods and treats can be deadly to our pets. We know that chocolate and alcoholic beverages can be deadly to cats and dogs, but did you know that onions, nutmeg, nuts, and even grapescan be equally dangerous for our furry friends? Precautions that eliminate the above mentioned temptations can be the difference between life and death. Steps to help prevent our pets from injury are gating the tree, and using non-toxic ornaments and decorations. Protect extension cords or move them out of harm’s way entirely. Prepare appropriate holiday foods that our pets can enjoy without the dangers of the people food mentioned above. Remember that pets are family members too and are irreplaceable!! They deserve a special and safe holiday. We here at Reigning Cats and Dogs Pet Resort wish you and all of your 4-legged family members a happy, safe, and festive holiday season!!!

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